How to Choose Best Battery Packs for your Cell phone

The trend of mobile phones is growing rapidly, running out of battery has become common these days. Don’t worry because with right battery packs on your side, you can increase the lifeline of your phone. You have to wait until smartphones with better battery are launched because currently battery packs are the only alternatives you can use to save your phone.

How to Choose Best Battery Pack

A good battery pack can help when you are camping in the forest or traveling with friends. How to buy this battery pack that will stick with you for a long time? Here are some tips to help you choose what’s best.

How to choose the best battery packs

  • One of the key points is capacity expressed in terms of milliamp hours, or mAh, make sure the battery is capable of charging your phone more than once. Buy a pack with dual USB port so that most of the popular smartphones can run on it.
  • There are some analog batteries, but try to purchase digital ones with LED light and indicators. Choose a company that is famous rather than going for cheap ones.
  • Some batteries recharge phone via Bluetooth, these are easy to manage. This type of battery pack turns on and off automatically, and there are alarm and flashlight to inform you when the phone battery is full. Two features, locating the battery and water resistivity is common these days.


  • Choose one with security protection. If you are worried about short circuit, buy these. This type of battery pack has multi USB support with microchips that make them highly portable. When buying this one, make sure the battery is compatible with famous smartphones.
  • There are some chargers with Wife system, you can use these to stream and surf internet. Make sure to purchase a battery that is light and easy to carry around. Some batteries have the option to connect with desktop and smartphones.
  • Top of all the things is time, how long it takes to recharge itself? And whether a battery is good enough to work for at least one year? You can inquire these two points in detail before buying a battery pack.
  • How many cell phones you can recharge with your battery pack? Make sure to look into this particular point because if it doesn’t recharge phone at least 3 times, then don’t buy it.

There are many things to consider before buying a battery pack, make sure to look into things that we have discussed above. Beside these points, you can focus on design and functionalities as well.

Try to put your trust on famous companies rather than a new company. Most of the time people buy battery packs that are big, probably because they don’t know how to choose a battery pack. Now, when you buy battery packs, give your special attention to these points so that you can save money.


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