Best Linux Flavors You Can Try with Raspberry Pi

A credit card sized and single-board computer which is generally known as Raspberry Pi was built originally for an intended purpose of promoting computer science education in the schools worldwide. But, nowadays the tiny computer is not only used in schools but also, the beginners and pros in electronics and robotics field are using the Best Raspberry Pi Starter Kits for their Pi projects. The Raspberry Pi is spreading like wildfire among the users worldwide. And for using this fantastic tiny computer, you need an Operating System that is compatible to Raspberry Pi. And among the several OSs that are available for Raspberry  Pi, millions of users use Linux Operating System to run on the Raspberry Pi. There are a number of Linux flavors available for Raspberry Pi. In this article, we will look at some of the Best Linux flavors You can try with Raspberry Pi.

Best Linux Flavors You Can Try with Raspberry Pi

1) Raspbian

This is the most popular and probably the oldest Linux flavor for the Raspberry Pi. The original Raspbian was developed individually, but the Raspberry Pi Family also has developed their own Raspbian version that can be installed on Raspberry Pi with the help of NOOBS installer. The Raspbian comes with Scratch and other built-in tools and requires a 4GB SD memory card to install it on Raspberry Pi. It also has an official Pi Store app, which has different applications that are compatible with Raspberry Pi.

2) OpenELEC

If you are a Raspberry Pi user and thinking of to use it as a home cinema media center, then OpenELEC is a great choice for you. The OpenELEC is a Kodi based fork, which supports a huge number of channels including the YouTube. It works faster with Raspberry Pi 2 for up to 55-100% more than the Raspberry Pi 1, which makes it the most popular choice for the solution of the media center to run on any platform.

3) Pidora

Pidora is a community version of the Red Hat Linux OS and a version of Fedora for Raspberry Pi. It has built in text editors, multiple programming languages, and other handful software, which makes it quite different from the Raspbian. The Fedora repository is available to download a number of other software compatible to Raspberry Pi. It is a worth looking Linux flavor that you can try with Raspberry Pi.

4) Ubuntu

Without any argument, Ubuntu is a well-known Linux flavor among the Linux desktop users worldwide. It comes with some innovative features like Unity desktop, Ubuntu One cloud storage which is a cross-device and cross-platform service and offers a free storage space of 5GB. If you want to add new software compatible to your Raspberry Pi, then the Ubuntu Software Center is available. It has the easiest installations among the different Linux flavors for Raspberry Pi.


After the first release made in 1987, by Castle Technology Ltd, RISC OS is available free of charge for the users of Raspberry Pi. It can be downloaded directly from the Raspberry Pi Official site. It is a quickly bootable and stable Operating System that is somewhat different from the other Oss available for Raspberry Pi.



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