4 Best LCD Modules for your Arduino Projects

1)SainSmart IIC/I2C/TWI Serial 2004 20×4 LCD Module Shield for Arduino UNO MEGA R3

This works remarkably well and hooks up to your Arduino Uno seamlessly. The white on blue lettering has a remarkably good contrast and one that shows up far better than you would have first thought.

4 Best LCD Modules for your Arduino Projects

It is the one-stop solution for home developers. The I2C address is 0x27, so if you come across one with that has been passed down or without any documentation, it’s worth knowing that address to activate.

This LCD display module is a high quality four-line and 20 character device which has a backlight and an IIC communication interface.

2)SainSmart LCD Module for Arduino 20 X 4, PCB Board, White on Blue

The SainSmart LCD Module for Arduino holds 20 characters (on each line) with four lines and its display is white on blue. This works perfectly for Arduino projects and other micro-controllers. This particular model is based on the HD44780 controller. The blue back light and the white lettering makes this module easy readable. There is also a control setting allowing the user to change the contrast.

This is the keypad module featuring the integrated circuit communication interface for those unfamiliar with Arduino products.

3)SainSmart IIC/I2C/TWI Serial 2004 20×4 LCD Module Shield for Arduino UNO MEGA R3

LCD Module has many features including the tutorial for interfacing LCD with your Arduino project. There are four rows – each with 20 characters and the lettering is black on a green background, with a bright five volt back light. This module is based on the popular HD44780 controller and works perfectly with other micro-controllers.

4)SainSmart 1602 LCD Shield Module Display V3 for Arduino UNO R3 MEGA2560 Nano DUE

It is a 16 x 2 LCD keypad module which is a great solution for the Arduino Diecimila Duemilanove. Also works for the MEGA2560, MEGA1280 and UNO board. Sainsmart is also Providing arduino starter kit with LCD Module.

It has a blue backlight with white lettering and the contrast of the light can be manually adjusted to suit. The module has a 4-bit LCD library and a V3 design which pins out for easy connecting. There are five push buttons on its keypad showing a menu and a user interface program.





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